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I bring knowledge, experience, and practical thinking.
You bring the rest.
Together, we'll make it happen.

Life Coaching

No matter how much we think we know, life can still surprise us - sometimes all it takes is a change of perspective. I can guide you through this process, one step at a time. Together, we will deliver the change that you want to see.

Business Coaching

Building a successful, thriving business (while still finding room to breathe!) is no simple achievement. It takes a great deal of practical and emotional work. The good news is that I can help you with both.


Successful marketing is all about effective communication. It is listening to people and understanding their needs. It is enabling them to find you and understand what you have to offer. I can help you build a marketing strategy that will do exactly that.


18 years of experience

I have worked with hundreds of clients to deliver results in many different areas. Whatever you want to achieve, you can be sure that I have already helped someone do just that.

Practical and gentle

Always moving forward probably won't satisfy you. But nor will just remaining the same and accepting yourself as you are. The real challenge is in doing both, and this is what I see my job to be.

Tried-and-tested tools: no New Age

Life coaching has existed since the 1970s. The philosophy of Focusing was developed in the 1950s. Both are supported by psychological studies, which have shown them to be effective decision-making mechanisms. I can put these tried-and-tested tools at your fingertips.

Sally Tadmor is probably some kind of a magician.
I met her after years of being stuck with academic writing. Years of starting and discarding drafts. In no time I had completed drafts for 3 academic papers.
Then I told her that for years I've been searching for love. Sally severely said Abra Kadabra and I found myself with a girlfriend who loves me and I love her
(Today we are married and embracing our first child).
And then I started looking for a temporary job and again the offers kept coming in.
There's a pretty clear correlation between my work with Sally and my success in important areas of my life.

Dr. Dan Baras

Philosophy Ph.D.

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What change do you want to see?

We'll take something that matters to you and figure it out together; calmly, with more breathing and less drama. Each week, we'll add baby steps, and you'll have my comprehensive support every step of the way. Together, we will produce the change that you want to see.

I've developed many resources to help people find solutions to their problems, from exercises and questions to stories and interpretive frameworks. Sitting quietly, and going at your pace, we will work together to move the things you care about forward. 

 I've learned a lot in eighteen years. The experiences and skills I can share with you include: time management; marketing; writing and recording videos; building client relationships; coaching; Focusing.

What we could do together

Time management

Great time management is about having the confidence to relax. It's knowing exactly what to do and when to do it - and when it's time to rest. Getting to that place is a deep and fascinating process.


Making decisions is how we move forward, but it's not a technical process. It's a skill that combines practical and rational thinking with intuitive, inner listening.

Energy levels

Our inner experience is the basis for everything we do or don't do in life. Becoming more relaxed and more energised requires both practical and emotional work.

Marketing system

Good marketing is about more than just paying for advertising on Facebook or other websites. It's about the broader strategy, and it's important to identify the approach that works best for you.


Authentic marketing comes from the heart, and is based on the knowledge and experience that you have accumulated. It's finding the best way to express something that is unique to you, and not having to rely on any single formula.

Finish your PhD or book

A big project like this is like a marathon. It rarely goes smoothly, without at least a few bumps in the road. But there are typical hurdles and obstructions where you can receive practical and emotional support.

Finding your passion

Identifying and understanding your direction in life can be challenging. But you can use everything you've learned so far to find a direction that is right for you, one that leads to a place of self-expression and fulfilment.


A person either thrives or withers in a relationship. The key to building healthy relationships is to understand, respect, and listen to ourselves and others.


We can approach deep-rooted and complex issues in light and refreshing ways using Focusing and other techniques. Building a strong sense of self-worth will exert a positive influence on every area of your life.



Single Session

1-hour session on a single subject.
Business or personal.


Off for series

A longer-term process to create change in one area of your life or business.
12 sessions.


Off for short series

A shorter-term process to create change in one area of your life or business.
6 sessions.

When I fell, she lent me a hand, when I messed up she encouraged me to keep going.
When I worried, she gave me hope, and when I feared... she gave me her magic potion - confidence.
The big change in my life happened thanks to her, with her help and encouragement. 

Giora Feldman

Graphic Designer

about me

18 years of coaching experience,
practical thinking, and  accumulated knowledge.
At your service.


I'm a business and life coach who teaches worldwide and online, applying a practical and emotional approach to solving problems.


My aspiration is for your life to  be satisfying and true to you.
For you to know exactly what you want to do, and to do it with a smile.


 In-depth discussions where I will share the tools and knowledge I have accumulated over years of experience. From our very first conversation you will begin to see the results.


Hello, nice to meet you! Here's a bit about me:

  • Business and life coach for 18 years
  • M.Sc in computer science
  • B.Sc in physics (Excellence program)
  • Life coaching studies for 12 years, Landmark Education
  • Focusing CC, TFI

I coach online, and teach all over the world. Recently I've taught in New York, Seattle, Switzerland, Germany and England, and run international courses online annually.

My written guides have been translated to English and German and have been distributed all over the world.

From a young age, my passion has been to understand how a person can become who they wish to be.  

Working with my book
Years of experience

life coaching

12 years of life coaching training

I did my formal studies at the Technion, the leading science university in Israel. I studied for a B.Sc in Physics and then an M.Sc in Computer Science. At that time, life coaching wasn't a viable profession. 

Since high school, and for 12 years, I studied and coached voluntarily with Landmark Education, the company who brought life coaching to Israel, and also played a role in spreading it in the US. Some of the best coaches in the world have studied with Landmark, and many have gone on to start their own coaching schools.

I have always been intrigued by how the brain works and what goes on inside of it, and have continually to study in this field over the years. I have acquired many other personal development tools as well: Co-Counselling, The Artist's Way (Julia Cameron), Enneagram, and Marketing.

using the brain differently

5 years of "Focusing" studies

At a certain point in my coaching career, I realized that something was missing from the profession. I began a second round of training - this time in an approach called "Focusing".
Focusing was developed by a psychologist and philosopher named Eugene Gendlin in the 1950s. At the center of it is the recognition that, to achieve deep inner change, we need to develop a full awareness of what is going on inside us.

For 5 years I studied the philosophy and practice of Focusing intensively. I traveled the world and learned from the best teachers, including from Gendlin himself (via phone), from his students Ann Weiser Cornell, Dr. Robert Lee, Barbara McGavin, and Dr. Helene Brenner, from the great Israeli teachers Dana Ganihar, Rona Ra'anan Shafrir, and Chagit Spencer, and from many other worldwide teachers (Dr. Evelyn Pros, Peter Afford, and others).

Today I remain in touch with some of these leading teachers and we work together to develop new ideas.
I also certify Focusing teachers on behalf of the International Focusing Institute (TFI).

my personality

Let's do it

My thinking is practical and rational, and my passion is for living the best life I can - and helping others to do the same.

I love to do a lot, but to do it lightly. I try to live without drama, and to devote my time to meaningful, satisfying work, to building deep connections, and to working with the body.

I'm a married mother of two,
living on a green mountain overlooking the sea in Haifa, Israel.
In addition to practising yoga for the last 11 years, I also love to run and swim.


my clients


The sort of people who come to me for coaching are people who like to think, learn, understand, and reflect, and want to do something with that.

Usually they've had quite a few life experiences already, and have developed at least one strong passion.

 I get a very diverse crowd men and women, atheists and theists from all religions, both here in Israel and all over the world.

Many of my clients continue to work with me on-and-off for many years, and some have even become friends.

Dear Sally, Thank you! Thank you for the business coaching, which was professional, enriching, educating, and fascinating.
You are an attentive coach, creative, and sharp.
Our sessions were held via Skype - and despite my concerns about that, it was successful and very comfortable.
The coaching with you helped me greatly with moving my business forward and with understanding its inner processes.
The coaching helped me learn new ways to solve and cope with different situations on the business and personal level.
I highly recommend coaching with you! Thanks.

Dafna Brill


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